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Selling Leads

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  • Sell Glass Powder

    Glass Powder is a new and developing synthetic inorganic filler. It is a kind of inorganic powder produced by several non-metallic raw material according to special proportion through mixed...
    Related Keywords : Glass Powder, Polishing Powder, painting, coating

    Sell Glass Powder

  • Sell Colour Sand

    Product: Colour Sand Type: natural color, permanent color coated, temporary color coated  Permanent color coated (PCC) sand: live color, acid-alkali resistant, URL resistant, color never...
    Related Keywords : building material, silica sand, kinetic sand

    Sell Colour Sand

  • Sell potassium feldspar

    1. Free Samples --Free samples within 1-2KGs, but the delivery fee should be paid by your side. 2. All-over Certifications --We can supply MSDS, TDS, Test Report, Place of Original (Form...
    Related Keywords : feldspar, K feldspar, Na feldspar

    Sell potassium feldspar

  • Sell Wet Ground Mica Powder

    Name: Muscovite mica, Phlogopite mica, biotite mica, Calcined/dehydrated Mica Description: Mica is a group of aluminum silicate minerals with layer-structure, and rich in elements of...
    Related Keywords : Mica Powder, Mica, muscovite, mica plate

    Sell Wet Ground Mica Powder

  • Sell Kaolin China Clay

    Product name: Kaolin Description: Kaolin is produced through delamination, calcination and classification. The well-controlled processes ensure the GB series have no coarse particles and...
    Related Keywords : Kaolin, China Clay, Ceramic Material, mullite

    Sell Kaolin China Clay

  • Sell Silica Fume

    Introduction: Microsilica, also known as silica fume,it is a very fine pozzolanic material,  composed of amorphous silica produced by electric arc furnaces as a by...
    Related Keywords : Microsilica, Silicon Ash, Construction, Silicon Dioxide

    Sell Silica Fume

  • Sell Quartz

    Also known as ground quartz and silica flour, is produced by grinding high-purity quartz, quartzite, sandstone, or silica sand to finer than 45 micron. Air separation is used as required to...
    Related Keywords : Quartz, Building Sand, Building Material, Decoration

    Sell Quartz

  • Sell tourmaline

    Tourmaline (Chemical equation NaR3Al6[Si6O18][BO3]3(OH,F)4) belongs to the trigonal crystal system and occurs as long, slender to thick prismatic and columnar crystals that are usually...
    Related Keywords : balck tourmaline, tourmaline

    Sell tourmaline

(1 - 8 out of 8 total Selling Leads)


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  • Precipitated  Barium Sulfate

    Precipitated Barium Sulfate
    Product name: Precipitated barium sulphate(BaSO4) Properties:...
  • Glass Powder

    Glass Powder
    Glass Powder is a new and developing synthetic inorganic filler. It...
  • Kaolin China Clay

    Kaolin China Clay
    Product name: Kaolin Description: Kaolin is produced through...
  • Silica Micropowder

    Silica Micropowder
    Synonyms & keywords: Microsilica , Micro Silica , Silicafume ,...
  • Sodium Feldspar

    Sodium Feldspar
    Packaging Details: 25kg/50kg plastic woven bags or ton...
  • Raw Vermiculite

    Raw Vermiculite
    Raw vermiculite Golden and silver color Made in China H.S...
  • Mica Powder

    Mica Powder
    Name: Muscovite mica, Phlogopite mica, biotite mica,...
  • Tourmaline

    Tourmaline (Chemical equation NaR3Al6[Si6O18][BO3]3(OH,F)4) belongs...